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2022-2023 SEASON


BREAKING NEWS! Peter and the Starcatcher won 2nd place at Region Competition and 1st at County Competition!

Black Stache: Natalie Helms
Boy: Wesley Sever
Molly Aster: Tyra Johnson
Gempkin/Fighting Prawn: Randy Adams
Mrs. Bumbrake: Grace Keylon
Slank/Hawking Clam: Jalen Lemon
Smee: Alayna Price
Prentiss: Patrick Holmes
Alf: Makaiya Chastain
Aster: Brody Sinko
Captain Scott: Matt McClung
Ted: Adrain Garcia
Mack/Sanchez: Kadance Kilgore
Teacher: Samara McKnight
Narrators: Caitlin Lumpkin, Emma Kelley, Reese Faulknor, Sarah Smith, Miranda Hames, Emma Childress, Kaylee McElreath

Director: Sunny Vidrine
Assistant Director: Caitlin Lumpkin
Stage Manager: Evelyn Evans
Assistant Stage Manager: Alex Jensen
Tech Director: Alex Gray
Sets/Props: Jace Freidin, Patrick Romanello, Ruby Aderhold, Alex Gray
Lights: Ella Ray
Costumes: Kylee Alligood, Gretchen Potter


Heidi/Lady in Waiting/Swan: Hayden Ross 
Mr. Fitzpatrick/Father of 6 Swans: Lochlan Chastain
Mother/Child of Bling Queen/Evil Mother: Caitlin Cason Father/Ambassador/Suitor 3/King: Andrew Baumann 
Prince 1/Lady in Waiting/Swan: Reese Faulknor 
Prince 2/Suitor 1/Swan: Natalie Helms 
Prince 3/Child/King of Silent for 7 Years: Samuel Camarena Daughter/Queen 3/Mama/Laura: Shannon Hayes 
Queen 2/Suitor 2/Swan: Sam McKnight 
Queen 1/Allerleira: Maggie Ezzell 
Nursemaid/Louise/Andrew (Swan): Macie McDuffie 
Princess Who Wouldn Laugh/Stranger/Swan: Isabella Coffey Papa/Parent of the Princess/Allerleira's Parent: Grace Keylon Child/Lady in Waiting/Allerleira's Attendant: Chloe Grindle

Director: Caitlin Lumpkin 
Stage Manager: Alayna Price 
Tech Director/Sound: Evelyn Evans Lights: Mea Wolcott 
Booth Assistant: Tyra Johnson 
Sets: Alex Gray, Kaydence Kinley, Charlize Smith 
Costumes: Sam Smith, Jaela Brite, Makaiya Chastain

Dates: February 24-26 at 7pm.
February 26 at 2pm.

Jo: Caitlin Lumpkin 
Meg: Ava Brooks
Beth: Natalie Helms
Amy: Sam McKnight
Marmee: Makaiya Chastain
Hannah: Alayna Price
Aunt March/Mrs. Mingott: Kylee Alligood
Parrot/Messenger: Macie McDuffie
Laurie: Matt McClung
Brooks: Jacob Burch
Dashwood: Patrick Holmes
Mr. Laurence/Robert March: Brody Sinko

Jo US: Maggie Ezzell
Meg US: Jazmyne Black 
Beth US: Abigail Whitman 
Amy US: Hayden Ross
Marmee US: Light Montanez 
Hannah US: Shannon Hayes
Aunt March/Mrs. Mingott US: Kadance Kilgore
Laurie US: Sarah Thomas 
Brooks US: Mea Wolcott 

Directors: Megan Carr & Katie Galbreath
Lights: Sam Smith
Light Apprentice: Light Montanez
Sound: Evelyn Evans
Sound Apprentice: Brannon Johnson
Head of Sets: Alex Gray
Set crew: Andrew Baumann, Kadance Kilgore
Props: Bill Fields, Brannon Johnson
Head of Costumes: Cassidy Bailey
Costumes crew: Charlize Smith, Macie McDuffie

Dates: April 28 at 3:15pm.
April 29-30 at 7pm.
April 30 at 2pm.

Elle Woods: Alayna Price
Emmett: Brody Sinko
Warner: Wesley Sever
Vivienne: Meredith Marks
Paulette: Caitlin Lumpkin
Brooke Wyndham: Shannon Hayes
Professor Callahan: Sarah Smith
Pilar: Charlize Smith
Margot: Sam McKnight
Serena: Reese Faulknor
Enid Hoopes: Ava Brooks

Randy Adams, Kylee Alligood, Ryley Baker, Natalie Helms, Patrick Holmes, Tyra Johnson, Reagan McClean, Matt McClung, Light Montanez, Caitlin Rogers

Director: Sunny Vidrine
Stage Manager: Evelyn Evans
Choreographer: Ryley Baker
Lights: Ella Ray
Sound: Jacob Burch
Sets/Props: Miranda Hames, Kadance Kilgore, Kaydence Kinley. Andrew Baumann, Brannon Johnson
Costumes: Kelcey Wilkey, Samuel Camarena

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